October’s end

A Hermit Thrush scurries along the path beside Lost Lagoon.

From a few weeks back: CBC’s Front Burner podcast (which I highly recommend) had an episode with Dr. Jen Gunter, a vocal opponent of the “wellness” industry, especially the manner in which it preys upon women, exposing the essential patriarchal ideology implicit within it.

An in-depth article on how we can understand Bruce Chatwin‘s book The Songlines on it’s 30th anniversity.

It’s difficult to deny that the social and technological experiment that is the Internet has essentially failed – instead of becoming a forum for the free exchange of ideas, we’ve been subsumed by for-profit algorithms, disinformation, and trolls spewing hatred. While it won’t solve most of these problems, there’s a great browser extension called Shut Up that blocks comments on most sites.

Lastly, this Nick Drake song has been in my head this week.

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